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The foundation of the business consists of services such as International Freight Forwarding (by air or ocean), Contract Logistics (such as Warehousing), and Transportation (such as trucking).

These services can act as standalone products or as part of our broader offering as a supply chain provider.

With the core supply chain elements in place, Yusen Logistics designs, implements, and manages supply chains specific to global industry markets, or, bespoke solutions for more complex transportation models.

As a service provider, Access Logistics manages these elements with a focus on developing strong relationships with its customers to ensure long-term success for their transportation program


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Supply Chain Management is the integration of our main services of freight Forwarding and Contract Logistics to provide a seamless distribution process for our customers. This means arranging the movement of goods from any point in the supply chain (as early as manufacturing or even sourcing) through to delivery at final destination.
This service has evolved over the years into a highly specialized area that can be implemented as a standard management solution, a specific industry solution, or as a custom designed solution for a specific customer requirement.
A well-managed supply chain improves efficiencies and streamlines a company’s inventory, reducing overall costs.

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